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Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set
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Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set

Item: 20230317044
Brand: DVD Boxset
Unit: 18 Discs
Weight: 1.000 kg
Features: Get Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set for only $28.99 - complete seasons, high-definition picture quality, and a full collection! Plus, we'll include three of the most popular DVD movies. This is a great choice for personal enjoyment or to share with friends. Don't wait, limited time offer - Buy now!
Price: $28.99
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Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set
Region: FREE Audio: English Dolby Surround
Discs: 18 Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Price: $28.99 Display Format: Fullscreen
Subtitle: English
About the Movie:


"If you are a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, then you absolutely need to check out the amazing TV show, ""Sanctuary."" This series is truly one-of-a-kind, and the complete collection is available in a fantastic DVD box set featuring all four seasons.

""Sanctuary"" follows the adventures of Dr. Helen Magnus, a brilliant scientist who runs a secret organization dedicated to protecting and studying ""abnormals"" - creatures with extraordinary abilities that are often misunderstood and hunted by humans. Alongside her team of skilled specialists, Magnus works to investigate and safeguard these beings, while also uncovering the secrets of their unique biology and history.

Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely add ""Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set"" to your collection:

The show features a fascinating and original concept that blends sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller genres seamlessly.

The writing is superb, with complex characters, intricate storylines, and plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Amanda Tapping delivers a fantastic performance as the lead character, Dr. Helen Magnus, who is both brilliant and complex, with a mysterious past that slowly unravels over the course of the series.

The supporting cast is equally impressive, with standout performances from Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

The special effects and makeup are top-notch, with incredible creature designs that are both visually stunning and believable.

The show explores important themes of tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, as Magnus and her team work to protect and understand beings who are often shunned and feared by humans.

The series features an impressive array of guest stars, including sci-fi and fantasy legends like Michael Shanks, Jonathon Young, and Christopher Judge.

The action and suspense are intense, with plenty of thrilling chase scenes, battles, and daring rescues.

The show's unique blend of genres and storytelling styles make it a truly original viewing experience, unlike anything else on TV.

With all four seasons included in this DVD box set, you can binge-watch the entire series from start to finish, immersing yourself in the rich world of ""Sanctuary"" and its fascinating characters.

So, if you are looking for an exciting, thought-provoking, and visually stunning TV show to add to your collection, look no further than ""Sanctuary: The Collection Seasons 1-4 DVD Box Set."" You won't be disappointed!"

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