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Chuggington 1-2 DVDS Boxset
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Chuggington 1-2 DVDS Boxset

Item: 20100101017
Brand: DVD Boxset
Unit: 10 Discs
Weight: 0.500 kg
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Price: $12.99
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Chuggington 1-2 DVDS Boxset ENGLISH VERSION
 Region: FREE  Audio: English Dolby Surround
 Discs: 10  Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
 Price: $12.99  Display Format: Fullscreen
   Subtitle: English
About the Movie:


Chuggington is a CGI-animated TV show about the fictitious town of Chuggington and its trains. Produced by Ludorum, it is currently shown daily on the BBC CBeebies channel. Each episode (of 10 minutes inclusive of intro and credits) tells a story focused on the 3 'trainees' and how they are taught to perform tasks.Ludorum developed the series, and succeeded in selling the first series of 52 episodes to broadcasters including the BBC, ABC (Australia), TF1 (France) and SuperRTL (Germany) in a deal announced in February 2008.[1] A further two series were also reported to be in development at this time. Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6, the programme debuted on CBeebies in January 2009 in the "Big Fun Time" strand, following an earlier run on BBC2.The show airs on Treehouse TV in Canada.The main characters are the 'trainees' Koko, Wilson and Brewster, who are learning about the railway.In January 2009 it was announced that RC2 would be producing Chuggington Toys under their "Learning Curve" brand; these are due to be on the market in 2010 DC Thomson, home of The Beano, has acquired the licence for Chuggington magazine. The three-weekly publication will feature puzzles, games and stories based in and around Chuggington. With an emphasis on Learning Through Fun, the magazine will reflect the values and confidence-building themes of the TV series. Chuggington magazine will launch on 2nd April, 2009.DVD released in April, 2009 containing 6 episodes.

101 - Can't Catch Koko
102 - Wilson And The Elephant
103 - Clunky Wilson
104 - Koko And The Tunnel
105 - Breaking Brewster
106 - Hodge And The Magnet
107 - Koko And The Squirrels
108 - Wilson Gets A Wash
109 - Brewster Goes Bananas
110 - Bang Klang Wilson
111 - Old Puffer Pete's Tour
112 - Late Again Eddie
113 - Wilson's Smooth Moves
114 - Cool Wilson
115 - The Chugger Championships
116 - Action Brewster
117 - Koko's Puppy Training
118 - Zephie's Zoomaround
119 - Koko On Call
120 - Outward Bound Olwin
121 - Brewster And The Dragon
122 - Wake Up Wilson
123 - Brewster Knows Best
124 - Koko Pulls It Off
125 - Wilson And The Ice Cream
126 - Wilson's Wacky Tour
127 - Hodge's Secret
128 - Frostini's Fruit Fandango
129 - Zephie Ace Reporter
130 - Famous Emery
131 - Watch Out Wilson
132 - Brewster's Hobby
133 - Zephie's Monkey Business
134 - Poor Old Puffer Pete
135 - Inspector Emery
136 - Nurse Wilson
137 - Mtambo's Amazing Adventure
138 - Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth
139 - Helpful Hodge
140 - Brewster to the Rescue
141 - Wilson & the Paint Wagon
142 - Eddie Finds Time
143 - Mtambo's Royal Tour
144 - Wilson & the Wild Wind
145 - Old Puffer Pete's Firebox
146 - Jet Pack Wilson
147 - Brewster's Little Helper
148 - Bubbly Olwin
149 - Koko Takes Charge
150 - Wilson's Paper Trail
151 - Puffer Pete's Big Show
152 - Training Time Harrison

 Chuggington is currently airing in the following countries:

  • UK— currently airing onCBeebies
  • Germany— currently airing onToggolino
  • Canada— currently airing onTreehouse
  • Australia— currently airing onABC
  • France— currently airing onTF1
  • New Zealand— currently airing onTVNZ
  • Hungary (Central Eastern Europe)- currently airing onMinimax
  • Denmark— currently airing on TV2
  • Korea— currently airing on EBS Korea
  • Ireland— currently airing on RTE
  • Hong Kong— currently airing on TVB
  • Norway— NRK beginning in April
  • Finland— MTV3 beginning in April
  • United Arab Emirates— E-JUNIOR beginning in April
  • Thailand— True Visions beginning in May
  • Latin America— Disney Latin America beginning in May
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